Introduction to St Luke’s

“The Lord is my light and my salvation”   Psalm 27.1

St Luke The Evangelist, Walton on the Hill is a Church of England parish located between the Gwladys Street End and Goodison Road stands of Goodison Park. As well as serving the community of this small but densely populated parish the church enjoys a good relationship with Everton Football club. On regular match days, the church opens up two and a half hours before kick off for supporters to come and have a cup of tea or just a sit down. Everton do not play games early on a Sunday to avoid clashing with the church’s regular services.

St Luke’s has a remembrance garden, which backs onto the Gwladys Street End Stand. Here ashes of parishioners and Everton fans the world over are placed in the garden according to Church of England custom and practice. The garden is open on request and offers peace and tranquillity for families of those who are remembered there. Plaques are made representing all those whose ashes have been sent in or in some instances, shrubs and plants are planted.

What we believe.

As Christians we at St Luke’s believe that there is a God with whom we can have a relationship through his Son Jesus Christ. We believe that the best hope for us all is to follow the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Bible.

As Christians we understand God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

Father: God is a God of love, who cares for the whole of creation and for every human being as God’s beloved children.

Son: God was revealed to us in the historical person of Jesus Christ. It is through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection that we make sense of life before and after death. It is also the key to knowing and loving God.

Holy Spirit: God is alive and active today through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit inspires faith, truth and justice in the world. The Holy Spirit helps sustain the life of the world, gives spiritual gifts to the church and bears spiritual fruit through changed lives and a transformed society.

What do Christians Do?

Christians seek both to deepen their relationship with God and express that relationship through serving Him and His world.

We do this through:

Reading and studying the Bible. Seeking to understand the God that is revealed to us in the Bible is an important part of a Christians life.
Praying We believe that our relationship with God is improved through prayer. Prayer is like talking to God, telling him our concerns and offering him our hearts
Serving Christians seek to live out our belief by finding ways to serve God and the community. You will find Christians in many communities showing their concern for others through the work they do.

Community is important

We know that we can read and study the bible, pray and find ways to serve individually but Christianity is about relationship and community. That is why we have church. Church maybe seen through the people who meet in a traditional building. But it could be seen in a small house group, through people meeting in a school hall, community building, in the workplace or even through the internet. The important thing is that it contains Christians who are seeking to deepen their relationship with God. Together.

The Church of England is one of the Christian churches in this country and we seek to work with other Christian denominations as much as we can. The Church of England seeks to serve every community in the country. We do this by dividing the country into parishes – each one with a church. St Luke’s is one such parish church in the Walton area of Liverpool. We are a church community marked out by our hospitality and as such we invite you to come and join us in our worship, our sharing of the gospel and a cup of tea!